Singer Song

(To the tune of “Ave Maria”)

(The words to the original song are in parentheses to help guide the singing)

Teena Maria (Ave Maria)
Ka-a-a-ty Perry oooo (Gratia plena)
La-a-ady Gaga you (Dominus tecum)
J Lo and Mado-o-onna too (Benedicta tu)
Christina Aguilera (In mulieribus)
And McLachlan, Sarah (Et benedictus)
Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Kesha, and a Beyoncé (Fructus ventris tui, Jesus)

‘cido Domingo (Sancta Maria)
John, Paul, and Ringo (Sancta Maria)
And Ringo! (Maria)
Oh Johnny Ma-athis (Ora pro nobis)
Joanus and los Jettos (Nobis peccatoribus)
Justin es un Bie-e-e-eberus (Nunc et in hora)
Shaki-ira Michael Ja-a-ackson (In hora Mortis nostrae)
Lil Kim, Lil Kim (Amen, amen)


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