The Batman Letters #4

Dear Mrs. Batman:

My name is Eddie and your husband is a friend of mine (mail only). I hope it is OK for me to write to you. I wouldn’t want to get him jealous! How are you? I am fine. I hope you can answer some questions for me. What is it like being married to a superhero everyone knows? I bet you get tired of people asking for autographs and interrupting dinner in restaurants. Am I right?

Since he goes out and works at night, I thought you must sleep during the day, but then I thought he has a secret identity that also has a job, right? So now I’m wondering if you sleep at all. It must make it hard for you to plan meals. Is that why you eat out a lot?

Well, that’s all I want to know for now.

Your (husband’s) pal,


PS: If I get to know you better, is it OK if I call you Claire? Also, are you friends with Mrs. Commissioner Gordon?



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