Happy 2021

’Twas the night before New Year
Here in my hometown
The sky wasn’t clear
The rain pouring down

The presents had all been
Unwrapped with great glee
But with Christmas now over
Time to take down the tree

Ma drank her pinot
And I had a beer
As we sat and we pondered
The upcoming year

There’s a lot of emotion
With this new year’s day
The ridiculousness of last year
Is all flushed away

What should we expect
In this upcoming year?
Vaccines and normalcy
Would bring us good cheer

Father time’s watch keeps ticking
The last decade’s done
And the millenium’s grown up
It can drink – 21

We should all hope that love
And peace and serenities
Accompany us now
In the new roaring twen-i-ties

So let’s smile as we drink
This toast, everyone
“May the pandemic of 2020”
“Become the pundemic of 2021”



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