A Waste of Money

(To the tune of “A Taste of Honey”)

A waste of money
The tale of a brand new touch pad

Steve Ballmer said
“We could be so rad”
So Mi-cro-soft
Made a new touch pad

A waste of money
(A waste of money)
Blown on the Surface touch pad

They never learn
Oh they never learn
Setting nine
Hundred million to burn

They make new things only because
They’re copying just what Apple does

A waste of money
(A waste of money)
Trying to buy into cool

They will be back, yes they will be back
They’ll return (they’ll return)
With a thing like (with a thing like)
The Zune


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Singer Song

(To the tune of “Ave Maria”)

(The words to the original song are in parentheses to help guide the singing)