Let It Shine

(to the tune of “Let It Snow”)

Oh the weather outside looks better
You can put away your sweater
And the sun is all bright and fine
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

The breeze is just lightly blowing
And we’ve passed the time for snowing
Say goodbye to the winter time
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

Yes the springtime is finally here
And the temperature’s really warm
The skies are becoming clear
Oh how I love the new norm!

So the flowers are now emerging
From the soil they are upsurging
It’s part of a grand design
So let it shine, let it shine, let it shine


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Crappy days are here again
The sky above’s not clear again

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Medical marijuana
Something that I just might try

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I know wonderful guys within our land
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Oh no! I missed my class
Someone ought to kick my ass.

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Friday evening at eight o’clock
when the shuttle stops

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Substrate floating in the cell’s insides
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And now, the course is done
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Brain Farts Just Happen In My Head

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So I just wiped out the teardrops from my eyes_x000B_And told my brain it had to do some men-tal exer-cise_x000B_Burn some ATP_x000B_So brain farts can stop inside my head they’ll be stoppin’

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Henderson Hasselbalch
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Amino acids cannot join
By themselves together


When you’re in a funk
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You always head out to


(To the tune of “Ticket to Ride”)

Tonight I’m feeling quite glad
Because I can say (yeah)