Learning Innovation Center

(To the tune of “Yellow Rose of Texas”) / Recording by Rebecca McDade
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When students on the campus go
Walk near the A-L-S
Their heads will start a-spinning
One structure will impress
It towers over everything
And has a dandy view
The Learning Innovation Center
Here at OSU

Informal learning spaces are
Ideas really great
One room is Parliamentary
To hold a big debate
It has the Honors College space
Up four floors from the ground
A coffee shop and much, much more
Two classrooms in the round

Projection blankets every room
Designers have supplied
A way to save some energy
With lighting from outside
Between the LinC and Austin Hall
Is something to applaud
A brand new space for mixing in
A very stunning quad

So here is our advice to you
Come study at this place
The Boora architects designed
It as a learning space
The faculty and staff are set
To make it work for you
The LinC is awesome-azing and
It’s here at OSU


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