Sani-Cloth is Cleaning Up Town

(To the tune of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”)

It’s time to get clean
You need to comply
Til there’s a vaccine
You cannot stand by
Sani-Cloth is cleaning up town

It’s cleaning up hands
Killing the germs
Wiping out COVID
The doctor confirms
Sani-Cloth is cleaning up town

It is a magic tissue
One wipe and then it’s through
I only have one wish you
Will use it please, thank you

So, roll up those sleeves
Wipe off that skin
If you do I believe
‘Twill be a win-win
Sani-Cloth is cleaning up town!


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PhosphatesAre in nucleotidesI say phosphatesCover bases insideI say phosphatesSpan the 5 and 3 primesThere’s no need-to-be-all-mixed-up
BasesCarry info you seeI say basesAre all complement’ryI say basesLike A,T,G and CThey have got-to-be–all-paired-up
It’s fun to play with some B-DNAIt’s got a boatload of G-C-T-AIt’s got everythingA polymerase needsWhen you melt all the A’s and T’s
It’s fun to play with some B-DNAIt’s got a boatload of G-C-T-AYou can make RNAsWith a po-ly-mer-aseJust by pairing up U’s with A’s

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