Around the Nucleus

(To the tune of “Across the Universe) / Recording by David Simmons
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DNA gets spooled like balls of yarn
Within the chromosomes
Unwinding when it’s duplicated there
Around the nucleus

Primase sets down RNA
To pave the path for DNA
Across a replication fork

Complementarit-y rules (ahhhhh)
DNA Pol-y-mer-ase
Synthesizing DNAs
RNA Pol-y-mer-ase
Making all the RNAs

Helicases split the strands
In front of replication forks
To make templates accessible
Around the nucleus

Complementary bases
Match the bonds of ‘H’ and hold the strands
Together up till they’re pulled apart
Around the nucleus

Hydrogen bonding fuels (ahhhh)
Tiny alpha helix bands
Folding for the cells’ demands
Beta sheets comprised of strands
Meeting little cells’ demands

Exons link majestically all guided
By a master plan
Encoded in the cell’s genome

Countless combinations of the codons
Bring diversity
To life evolving on and on
Around the nucleus

COM-plex-es rule the world (ahhhhh)
Ribosomes and spliceosomes
Transforming the cells’ genomes
Ribosomes and spliceosomes
Builders of the proteomes


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(To the tune of “Delta Dawn”) / Recording by Makaena Marie...


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