BB Wonderland

(To the tune of “Winter Wonderland”) / Recording by David Simmons

Milam Hall – It’s 12:30
And Ahern’s gettin’ wordy

He walks to and fro’
While not talkin’ slow
Givin’ it to B-B-4-5-0

I was happy when the term got started
Lecture notes and videos galore
MP3s got added to my iPod
But recitations sometimes were a bore

And exams bit me roughly
When the curve turned out ugly

I don’t think it’s so
My scores are too low
Slidin’ by in B-B-4-5-0

Final-LY there’s an examination
On December 9th at 6:00 pm
I’ll have my card packed with information
So I don’t have to memorize it then

And I’ll feel like a smarty
With my jam-packed note-cardy
Just one more to go
And then ho-ho-ho
I’ll be done with B-B-4-5-0


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