All My Junk Mail

(To the tune of “All My Loving”)

Click your mouse, you’ll regret it
On links for free credit
Remember not all things are true
Cuz you like to believe
You’re so eas’ly deceived
I’m sending my junk mail
To you

There are penis enhancers
And cures for all cancers
By buying the things that they say
If you’d just stop and think
You’d not click on that link
But you don’t so get ready to pay

All my junk mail. I will send to you
All my junk mail. You can go pursue

One last thought ‘fore you forward
The text of your password
Because someone just asked you to
If a stranger said, “Please
May I have your house keys ?”
I do not think they’d get them from you

All my junk mail. I will send to you
All my junk mail. You can go pursue

All my junk mail. I will send to you
All my junk mail. You can go pursue


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