Beaver Believer

(To the tune of “Daydream Believer”)

Oh I get high. Such a grin
Every time the Beavers win
The orange and black’s tattooed upon my skin

From the Gill – basketball
To the labs in Cordley Hall
So much to say, now where should I begin?

Cheer on Benny Beav
Students will achieve
They’re all
Beaver Believers
With an ace up their sleeves

Innovate and dream
Linus Pauling’s on the team
There’s not any more that you might need

When Ed Ray tells everyone
That the best is yet to come
You darn sure better know that you’ll succeed

Cheer on Benny Beav
Students will achieve
Since they’re
Beaver Believers
With an ace up their sleeves

Cheer for Benny Beav
Dump on Donald Duck
We’re all
Beaver Believers
And those other guys suck


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I’m standing outside in a pool (and I must complain)