Can’t Buy Enough

(To the tune of “Can’t Buy Me Love”)

Can’t buy enough
Can’t buy enough

She bought herself a buncha bling
Just because the price was right
She purchased almost anything
‘Cause it made her warm inside
She was always craving money,
‘cause money bought all that stuff

She took from me what I could give
And I gave it readily
She made it simple for me when
She was my charity
I just gave her all my money,
And money bought all her stuff

Can’t buy enough,
You know that it is so
Can’t buy enough, no no no no

So I bought her a diamond ring
That I thought was a prize
She went and had it valued and
Then said a fast goodbye
Now I don’t have no girl or money.
I must have bought too much stuff.

Bought too much stuff
Bought too much stuff


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