A Norwegian Would

Sven hopped in his boat

Didn’t get far. It wouldn’t float

He patched up a hole

Tried it again. Much better then

He took it out sailing

Along the great Norwegian coast

The cliffs were quite daunting and

Pierced by dark water in most

Sven sat on the deck.
Drinking a few. Scanning the view

Then, up came a storm.
Lacking a crew. What should he do?

The boat started spinning

He bounced all around on the craft

But Sven wasn’t scared and then

Sitting on deck he just laughed

But, I’m not surprised

Par for the course, look at the source

It makes perfect sense

Who’d do this good? A Norwegian would


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I know wonderful guys within our land
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PhosphatesAre in nucleotidesI say phosphatesCover bases insideI say phosphatesSpan the 5 and 3 primesThere’s no need-to-be-all-mixed-up
BasesCarry info you seeI say basesAre all complement’ryI say basesLike A,T,G and CThey have got-to-be–all-paired-up
It’s fun to play with some B-DNAIt’s got a boatload of G-C-T-AIt’s got everythingA polymerase needsWhen you melt all the A’s and T’s
It’s fun to play with some B-DNAIt’s got a boatload of G-C-T-AYou can make RNAsWith a po-ly-mer-aseJust by pairing up U’s with A’s

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some biochemistry

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