Biochemistry, Biochemistry

(To the tune of “Oh Christmas Tree”) / Recording by Tim Karplus

Biochemistry Biochemistry
I wish that I were wiser
I feel I’m in way o’er my head
I need a new advisor

My courses really shouldn’t be
Such metabolic misery
Biochemistry Biochemistry
I wish that I were wiser

Biochemistry Biochemistry
Reactions make me shiver
They’re in my heart and in my lungs
They’re even in my liver

I promise I would not complain
If I could store them in my brain
Biochemistry Biochemistry
I wish that I were wiser

Biochemistry Biochemistry
I’m truly in a panic
The mechanisms murder me
I should have learned organic

For all I have to memorize
I ought to win the Nobel Prize.
Biochemistry Biochemistry
I wish that I were wiser


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