Hood River

(To the tune of “Moon River”) / Recording by Makaena Marie

Hood River
Surfers in the breeze
Are flying by with ease – it’s true
Dear wind surfer
With great fervor
Wherever there’s blowin’
I’m goin’ with you

Big river
Flowin’ by your side
About a mile wide – you know
Providing all surfers with spray
Oh when they come and play
On every summer day
Hood River – hello

Hood River
Fill my soul with cheer
I love your Full Sail beer – I do
How I’d clamor
For your amber
Wherever a case is
My race is to you

Great river
Flowin’ by your side
It’s such a source of pride – you know
No matter that you’re far away
Just come out and play
This happy summer day
Hood River – let’s go!


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