Blueberry Fields Forever

(To the tune of “Strawberry Fields Forever”)

Near Corvallis town
All the farmers sow
Blueberry Fields
Very surreal
And all the people shout aloud
Blueberry Fields Forever

Eating them tingles the taste buds
Willamette Valley azure dreams
It isn’t hard to find a farm
They’re all about
Right here in Oregon it seems

Such a valley thing
In the summertime
Blueberry Fields
Purple appeals
Infused with anti-oxidants
Blueberry Fields forever

Cobblers and muffins and ice creams
In tarts and cookies and in scones
Because you know, you can, mix them
In everything
And put your senses in the zone

Get yourself downtown
Where they sell the stuff
Blueberry Fields
Savory appeal
And help the farmers make a buck
Blueberry Fields Forever

Farmers Market on Saturdays, see
Store front deli-ci-os-it-y
I always go you know I guess
I’ll sing this song
Unless you strongly disagree

Near Corvallis town
All those acres of Blueberry Fields
Very surreal
Something we can shout about
Blueberry Fields Forever
Blueberry Fields Forever
Blueberry Fields Forever


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