The Light of Darkness

(To the tune of “The Sound of Silence”)

Hello darkness my old friend
Standard time is back again
All the clocks delayed, an hour slow
Best to check them twice before you go
And the sunshine
That had brightened up my day
Has gone away
There is no light in darkness

Some say light’s not gone away
Shifted sooner in the day
Shadows growing with each passing hour
Changing attitudes from sweet to sour
But we all succumb to the best of autumn’s charms
Late alarms
When we trade light for darkness

As for me, I do not know
How this change is gonna go
Racing off to work, the sky is dark
When I return at night, the setting’s stark
All the rhythms that were fixed inside my brain
I must retrain
When trading light for darkness


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(Published in the MockingOwl Roost -

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(To the tune of “My Country ‘tis of Thee”)

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