The Thin You, The Fat You

(To the tune of “Within You, Without You”)

You are eating
A mountain of po-ta-toes
They are mashed up
And slathered in some gravy
There is butter
And a biscuit
Hurt your body and
Then you’re gone away

You stop eating
Aware that there is consequence
For your hormones
Your doctor says they jump too much
In your blood
In your blood
You can save yourself
If you’d only try

Get some exercise.
The best thing you can do
Only you
Can make this change
It’s too bad that you seem
Not to know at all
You’re bouncing ‘tween
The thin you and the fat you


All this talking
About the changes coming soon
Changes happen
From inside
To the outside
You don’t know
You won’t grow
Going round and round

Free the mind inside your head
In prison there
Change your mind and you will find
When you are the one
You really wish to be
You will resolve
The thin you and the fat you


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