Mother Nature’s Done

(To the tune of “Mother Nature’s Son”)

Due to all the greenhouse gas – warming’s on the rise
All day long CO2 is heating things too much up in the skies

All of the utilities – going by the rules
Generating all the power they sell from fossil fuels

Find alternate energies – we’re under the gun
Get geothermal, nukes and solar pow’r everyone
Or Mother Nature’s done


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When you’re in a funkAnd really craving some junkYou...

Let It Shine

(to the tune of “Let It Snow”) Oh the weather outside...

Wet Christmas

(to the tune of “White Christmas”) I’m screaming ‘bout a...


(To the tune of “Help!”) Yelp! I’m feeling lonely Yelp!...


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All My Junk Mail

(To the tune of “All My Loving”)

Click your mouse, you’ll regret it
On links for free credit

I Wanna Understand

(To the tune of “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”)

I ask why - many questions
And so I raise my hand

Under the Rainbow

(To the tune of “Over the Rainbow”)

Sum-mer time in the valley
Cloud-y skies

We All Need Just a Little ATP

(To the tune of “Yellow Submarine”)

In the cells, inside of us, there’s a sugar on adenine
Which is linked, to phosphate groups, and you know it as ATP

Crappy Days are Here Again

(To the tune of “Happy Days are Here Again”)

Crappy days are here again
The sky above’s not clear again

Your Poor Veins

(To the tune of “You’re So Vain”)

Well I raced off to my doctor
Cause I was feelin’ the twinges of pain

Paperless Writer

(To the tune of “Paperback Writer”)

Paperless Writer
Paperless Writer

Student Nightmares

(To the tune of “Norwegian Wood”)

I answered 3 ‘b’.  
But then I thought.  It might be ‘c’

Kidney Stone

(To the tune of “Take Me Home, Country Roads”)

Early morning
In the bedroom

At Dairy Queen

(To the tune of “At Seventeen”)

I saw the light at Dairy Queen
While eating cho-co-late ice cream

I Can’t Charge my Cell

(To the tune of “I’ve Just Seen a Face”)

I can’t charge my cell
I think the battery’s gone to hell