We’re Screwing the World

(To the tune of “Hello Little Girl”)

We’re screwing the world
We’re screwing the world
We’re screwing the world

When the Fahrenheit is high, I sigh (um hmm)
We’re screwing the world
As amphibians decline, I whine (um hmm)
We’re screwing the world
When the holes in ozone grow, I know (um hmm)
We’re screwing the world
As pollution hits us all, I bawl (um hmm)
We’re screwing the world

We’re in a spiral
But no one cares
The world we knew, (it) may not have a prayer
I sometimes think that we are all insane
What’s happened to our brains, brains, brains?

I just hope there’ll be a time when we all
Go fix up the world

Some people say that we should not have fear
Flora/fauna go away
With evolution they’ll reappear
Just wait a couple hundred million years

So I hope there’ll come a day when we say
We’re fixing the world
We’re fixing the world
We’re fixing the world
Oh yeah
Let’s go fix the world


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