Anthem of the Ginseng and Tonics

(To the tune of “My Way”)

And now, the concert’s done
We were a musical sensation
That was a lot of fun
It’s time for serious libation

Our singing was off key
The audience so catatonic
One cause, to so simply put
Ginseng and Tonics

Rehearsals where we played
Our thanks to Cliff and Chere
Their neighbors were dismayed
Can’t blame them all for being wary

Our voices raised aloud
Aren’t really as a whole symphonic
And so, we flee from crowds
Ginseng and Tonics

The public wailed
Our fans did too
What hurt the most
They said P-U
In spite of all
We did not stop
Let’s hope that they
Don’t call the cops
The more we play
It hurts to say
Ginseng and Tonics

The critics all decried
Together in conformance
The music genocide
Each time we do a new performance

What’s more they all complained
We’re like the plague that is bubonic
A scourge most inhumane
Ginseng and Tonics

But we march on
Thus undeterred
We’re not afraid
Of critics’ words
With voices strong
Though aging some
We hope our fans
Will all succumb
Next time they see
On the marquee
Ginseng and Tonics


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