For Audrey

(To the tune of “On Broadway”)

There are a few things you should know ‘bout Audrey
(‘bout Audrey)
Her golden voice goes out and fills the air
(‘round Audrey)

She is at ease where’er she’s at
‘Cause she was born a service brat
And now today she’s a department chair
(that’s Audrey)

The future’s really very bright for Audrey
(for Audrey)
Her voice is mastered on a CD-ROM
(oh Audrey)

We’re lucky that she had desire
For singing in a high school choir
And what a guy she found in husband Tom
(oh Audrey)

And so we sing as one tonight with Audrey
(with Audrey)
In Audrey’s backwoods birthday music show
(with Audrey)

She has been really truly great
Since nineteen hundred fifty eight
Congrats to Audrey, you have reached five-oh
(yes Audrey).


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