I Studied So Hard Last Night

(To the tune of “I Saw Her Again Last Night”)

I studied so hard last night
But you know that I couldn’t
Get all the reactions down right
Oh my brain simply wouldn’t

I made lots of tries
To memorize
But it seemed the more I read the book
I never learned

‘Twas much too complex in my head
And so truly confusing
Like most of the things Ahern said
Awfully tough but amusing

I got so upset
That I would forget
Oh I had to find another way
Or I’d never learn

Metabolic Melodies
The pathways I could sing in time
They all put my mind at ease
Using just the power of rhyme
My grades began to climb

I studied so hard last night
Now I’ll never forget it
The Melodies helped get it right
Just the way Kevin said it

I won’t get it wrong
‘Cause I know the songs
And it makes me feel so good to know
I’ve truly learned


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beside my porphyrin rings

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Every price you pay

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Will be the death of me

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I think I need a pill

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