It’s a Toothache, Baby

(To the tune of “It’s Too Late”) / Recording by Cassondra Phillipsen and / David Simmons

Chewed an ibuprofen just to kill the pain
My jaw hurts so badly
I don’t like to complain
If it doesn’t stop soon
I think I may go insane

It’s a toothache baby
Oww it’s decayed
I don’t think that I can abide it
This ache takes the cake
I cried all night.
Can you kill the pain that’s deep inside it?

Oh yes please, please, please

I never had such focus on a single tooth
Flossed and brushed that sucker
Since I was just a youth
But then it got infected
Deep down at the molar roots

It’s a toothache baby
Such a major pain
Oh I really hope you can numb it
It hurts inside
I cry and confide
I’m afraid I will pass out from it
Oh my my


My body is a temple there can be no doubt
All-natural concoctions are what I’m about
But this lore goes out the door
When the TOOTH must COME out

Now the toothache baby
Is all gone away
Oh I truly love oral surgeons
Their novacaine
Can drain the pain and
I haven’t a-ny a-ver-sions

Oh oh oh oh oh oh

A toothache baby
Novacaine my molar
It’s decayyyyyyyyyyyed


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