Pay Per View

(To the tune of “Paper Moon”) / Recording by David Simmons

So you’re watching a pay-per-view
Lying lazily in your bed
But there’s so much more you could do
If you’d get up instead

Got the latest hot movie views
Cuz you paid for the “value pack”
But perhaps you should watch the news
And get out of the sack

There’s more to life
Than what happens on a screen
So get it right
You have gotta come clean.
Go and break your routine

Watching shows about fantasy
Featuring some famous folks
If you think that’s reality
You’ve bought into their hoax

There’s more to life
Than what happens on a screen
So get it right
You have gotta come clean.
Go and break your routine

Now here’s the take home message man
And I hope that you’ll hear it through
Your life’s got much more value than
The things you pay to view


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