She Likes You

(To the tune of “She Loves You”)

She likes you meh, meh, meh
She likes you meh, meh, meh
She likes you meh, meh, meh, meh

You think that you’re in love
With that girl who’s really swell
You think she’s real hot stuff
But I don’t think you can tell

You know she likes you
It is true but here’s the score
Yes, she likes you
As a friend but nothing more

You think that she’s a catch
On one point it is true
She’s found the perfect match
Too bad that it’s not you

There is another
Who has caught your lady’s eye
He’s her lover
And you can’t kiss her goodbye


She likes you somewhat, yeah
But only meh, meh, meh
Ah love’s like that
No reason to be sad

(skip to end of song)
Ah love’s like that
No reason to be sad
Meh, meh, meh


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