My ‘A’

(To the tune of “My Way”) / Recording by David Simmons

And now, the course is done
Except for all that final testing
Dear friends, let’s have some fun
There surely won’t be much protesting

We’ve had a busy term
Addressing all the content swiftly
And so I sit and squirm
B-B three fif-ty

Exams, there’s been a few
Our averages were somewhat lower
The grades are all askew
I wish that Ahern would go slower

I studied hard each time
And even though my grades were iffy
Oh no, I did not whine
B-B three fif-ty

Yes it was tough
You knew it too
I memorized
My knowledge grew

And through it all
I did not frown
I thought it up
And wrote it down

I fought the fight
I hope it’s right
B-B three fif-ty

I laughed, I cried, I swore
Just as I did here on the first day
But since, the term is o’er
Let’s all go out for thirsty Thursday

I guess I have to face
The fact that I am not a swifty
But oh, I need to ace
B-B three fif-ty

The end arrives
Our grades are out
As I log in
To my account

I say some things
I truly feel
I hope I don’t
Have to appeal

There’s no dismay
I made my ‘A’
B-B three fif-ty


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