(To the tune of “Smile”) / Recorded by David Simmons

Of the grouse you’re eating
That your spouse is cheating
If you have tears in your eyes
I’d advise
That you

Every friend and lover
And then you’ll discover
Your messages are getting buzz

Certain you’re succeeding
Your tweets get retweeting
Such a short text
Should not leave you perplexed

So tweet
That your dogs are trysting
What are you resisting?
Your silly life is incomplete
Unless you


Just tweet
That your dogs are trysting
What are you resisting?
Your silly life is incomplete
Unless you


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A Hardees Night

(To the tune of “A Hard Day’s Night”)

It is a Hardees night
And I just ate a chili dog

I Lost a Lung

(To the tune of “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”)

You’ve gone and left me breathless, so especially today
An absence from my body makes it hard to say

Sound of Glucose

(To the tune of “A Few of My Favorite Things”)

Aldehyde sugars are always aldoses and
If there’s a ketone we call them ketoses


(To the tune of “Let It Be”)

When I was walking through the forest
Grizzly bears came after me

Hark the Sucrose

(To the tune of “Hark the Herald”)

Carbohydrates all should sing
Glory to the Haworth ring

Superoxide Dismutase

(To the tune of “Supercalifragilistiexpialidocious”)

When oxygen’s electrons all are in the balanced state
There’s twelve of them for oh-two. The molecule is great

Oh Daddy Dear

(To the tune of “Oh Danny Boy”)

Oh Daddy dear,
This is my biochemistry

Mismatch Site

(To the tune of “Silent Night”)

Mismatch site. Bases might
Mutate here. Code re-write

There is a Virus on the Loose

(To the tune of Neal Gladstone’s “There is a Grapefruit In Your Life”)

There is a virus on the loose
That has sucked out all the pleasure

The Light of Darkness

(To the tune of “The Sound of Silence”)

Hello darkness my old friend
Standard time is back again

A Norwegian Would

Sven hopped in his boat
Didn’t get far. It wouldn’t float

He patched up a hole
Tried it again. Much better then

They Are Watching You

(To the tune of “Every Breath You Take”)

Every thing you say.
Every price you pay