Walgreens Song

(To the tune of “If I Fell”) / Recording by David Simmons

When my LDLs are high
And the doc is saying I
Must change my diet or
I could have a heart attack
I do not stop eating snacks
I take lipitor

Oh I need to start
To cope
With my routine
But I haven’t got
A hope
Without my Walgreen’s store

When I’m getting Ay-     Dee-Dee
And feeling bad
I succumb and then
To take an adder-all

‘Cuz your pharmaceuticals
Help me
To adapt to each impulse
In my brain

So I hang out at
A frequent buyer
It’s a com-
mon theme
I’m preaching to the choir

Cuz it’s planted in our brains
That we
Need a pill for everything
Every day

I am hypnotized
By all your potions
Set me free
Oh please
Just give me my release
So I CAN be more at peace


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