OSU Crane Song

(To the tune of “It Never Rains in Southern California”)

In a lot beside a crater . . . . . by the MU
Was a truck that was attached to . . . . . something huge
It really towered o’er the campus
Students made a big fuss
It’s true. Quite the view
Everyone adored the crane so high above ‘em
Twas the tallest thing Corn Valley’d ever seen
They just adored the crane above ‘em
Campus was a-buzzin’
It ruled. Yeah it ruled

Then the word . . . . raced through ev’ry course
“Recognize it with a big crowd source”
It was a project to endorse
To raise up some dou-u-u-u-u-u-ugh!
Since they adored the crane a-groovin’
Students started movin’
They scored. Yeah they scored
Now the crane is gone, but will . . . . . not be forgotten
There’s a monument commem . . . . . orating it
So . . . . . now you can see it proudly
Praises sing out loudly
So loud. Oh so loud.
Yes they all adored the crane so high above ‘em
And although it isn’t up there anymore
They’ll all remember it above ‘em
Never ending buzzin’
Lives on. Sure lives on


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